Why I am ‘less is more’.

Plus intriguing, amusing and noteworthy facts about Dr Alex Koefman

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Dr Alex Koefman | Brain and Spinal Surgeon Brisbane

“My dad inspires me most. He taught me it is good to laugh, learn and dream.”

About me,
the neurosurgeon

About me,
outside neurosurgery

The 7 most common remarks I get from you

Straight up front

“Most of my patients tell me they appreciate that I am being upfront with them.”

Less is more

“Less is more’ is my mantra and a central theme to my consulting narrative. I focus on minimally invasive surgery.” 

Common ground

“Like most of you I like music. I have played in music bands most of my life. I have also played cricket and I love watching F1. It feels like I have a lot in common with you and it’s always great when these topics come up during our chats. ” 


“I have made it my second nature to come up with analogies so you understand your condition better.”

Common sense

“Patients tend to love my common sense and down to earth approach. ” 


“Indeed, when appropriate, I use it frequently.” 


“Oh, I hear this a lot: “You are still young. I didn’t expect that of a neurosurgeon.” A lot of you comment on this and jokingly tell me I must be very good at what I do.” 

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